Australian Gymnastics Championships – Rhythmic (RG) & Aerobics (AER) Wrap Up

Week 2 of the Australian Gymnastics Championships saw our Rhythmic (RG) and Aerobics (AER) athletes head down to Melbourne to compete across 5 massive days, 30 May – 3 June.

All teams and individuals worked incredibly hard to maintain Queensland’s results from Week 1, and what a superb job they did!


Congratulations to the following:

Junior International Team 

Jasmine Reichhart, Lucy Reichhart, Lucy Auton, Bethany Slawek, Saskia Broedelet, Phoebe Learmont and Ivanna Carrasco – 1st

Junior International All-Around
Saskia Broedelet (Premier Gymnastics Academy) – 1st
Phoebe Learmont (Aspire Gymnastics Academy) – 2nd 

Senior International All-Around
Lidiia Iakovleva (Aspire Gymnastics Academy) – 2nd 

Senior International Group
Alannah Mathews, Himeka Onoda, Felicity White, Emily Abbot, Alexandra Eedle (Premier Gymnastics Academy) – 1st
Heather Blakeway, Tiah Mclaren, Melisa Lawrie, Alexis Lane, Imogen Mitchell (PCYC Elegance Logan City) – 2nd 

Junior International Group
Lucy Auton, Paris Hill, Mikayla Howard, Grace Kimmins, Isabella Ferroni, Reina Santana (PCYC Elegance Logan City) – 3rd


Congratulations to the following:

Level 7 Intermediate Individual
Kiranjit Simon (Premier Gymnastics Academy) – 3rd

Level 8 Intermediate Individual
Tessa Boardman (Premier Gymnastics Academy) – 2nd

Level 8 Senior Individual
Maddy Arthur (Adrenaline Aerobic & Fitness) – 2nd

Level 9 Senior Individual
Abby Lavin (Adrenaline Aerobics & Fitness) – 1st

Level 10 Open Individual
Hollie-Kate Melia (River City Gymnastics & Dance Academy) – 1st

Level 7 Intermediate Multiple
Jess Moten and Esther Tamone (Adrenaline Aerobic & Fitness) – 2nd

Level 6 Intermediate Multiples
Adelaide Hardy and Brooke Lane (River City Gymnastics & Dance Academy) – 1st

Level 9 Intermediate Multiple
Lily Turton and Daisy Mile (MyDynamics Aerobic Gymnastics) -1st

National Development
Skye McKibben (Premier Gymnastics Academy) – 1st

Age Group 2
Annabelle Mitchell (River City Gymnastics & Dance Academy) – 1st
Yena Lee-Kang (Premier Gymnastics Academy) – 2nd

Age Group 2 Trio
Yena Lee-Kang, Maya Ward and Alice Di Betta (Premier Gymnastics Academy) – 1st

Senior International
Michaela Warren (Premier Gymnastics Academy) – 3rd

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