Sport Integrity Australia’s National Integrity Framework

Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Queensland have today officially implemented Sport Integrity Australia’s National Integrity Framework. This important change to the policy structure for gymnastics in Australia will raise the bar on the expected behaviours in gymnastics, to make it a safer place for everyone to work, learn and play.

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Sport Integrity Australia and our State and Territory Associations to educate our club community about the implementation of the National Integrity Framework and the important role it plays in keeping everyone in our community safe.

What does this mean for me?

From today 4 April gymnastics in Australia will adopt the following six (6) new policies:
1. National Integrity Framework

2. Member Protection Policy

3. Child Safeguarding Policy

4. Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy

5. Improper use of Drugs and Medicine Policy

6. Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy
We encourage you to visit Gymnastics Australia’s website for further information, and to help you understand what the National Integrity Framework means for you.