Returning to Gymnastics in 2022 – COVID-19 Update

Following an all-time high of over 57,000 registered gymnasts within Queensland in 2021, both Gymnastics Queensland and our affiliated clubs are excited to see you in 2022. 

The last couple of years have been challenging for our community as we’ve all needed to adapt to the measures put in place to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus within our gyms and at our events. 

Thankfully, due to the layout of our venues and our structured classes, gymnastics is one of the best placed activities to implement the public health guidelines around social distancing. In addition to this, the tireless commitment of our club’s coaches and staff to ensure the government’s covid-safe restrictions are followed enables our sport to continue to operate safely. Gymnastics Queensland recognises the efforts of all our stakeholders and wishes to pass on our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to ensuring our gyms have mostly remained open throughout these difficult circumstances.

Gymnastics Queensland is part of a wider industry sporting group that have held recent discussions with State Government regarding the current requirements in relation to sporting activities. As we look forward to gymnastics classes starting again in Term 1, Gymnastics Queensland wishes to make our community aware of the current measures and recommendations for indoor sport that came from these discussions, aimed at ensuring all members can return to our sport safely. 

The following information is current as of 12th January 2022. Gymnastics Queensland will continue to communicate any changes that will impact our clubs and their members moving forward.

In addition to the information provided below, Gymnastics Queensland strongly encourages that all members speak directly with the clubs they attend regarding what measures and requirements their club has in place. Although it will be mostly similar across Queensland, each club may have their own bespoke processes in place to ensure that members can continue to enjoy classes in a safe environment. 

What are the current measures that gymnastics clubs are required to still have in place?
- Gymnastics clubs are required to operate in accordance with the COVID Safe Checklist for Restricted Businesses (COVID Safe Businesses

- Face masks are required in all indoor settings across Queensland including gymnastics clubs (exemptions apply). However, masks can be removed during strenuous exercise (participating in a class).

What are the rules on vaccination requirements for entering gymnastics clubs?
- Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can still participate in many sport, active recreation, and fitness activities including indoor and outdoor events – which includes gymnastics.

- It is important to note that organisations, such as gymnastics clubs, are able to self-impose additional restrictions for patrons and can decide to refuse entry to unvaccinated persons. Clubs will inform their members if they are to implement this requirement.

- Clubs will determine if they have a mandatory vaccination policy in place for their staff. However, this is not required by government for the indoor sport industry. 

- Gymnastics Queensland and Gymnastics Australia is supportive of the government’s position that vaccination is the best way forward in overcoming the COVID pandemic. We strongly encourage our staff and our broader community to educate themselves on the benefits and risks of vaccination and to make an informed decision, whilst appreciating that not everyone may choose to do so.

How will events be affected by the current restrictions?
- Gymnastics Queensland will not be mandating vaccines for any category 1 events however we will be abiding by any rules passed onto us from the host venues. For category 2 and 3 events, vaccination mandates are at the discretion of each individual host club.

- Any club or venue hosting a sanctioned event will be required to abide by the COVID Safe Checklist for Restricted Businesses.

What can I do to stay safe whilst participating in gymnastics?
- As per the key COVID safe measures, anyone attending a gymnastics club is encouraged to:
o abide by the social distancing requirements
o wear a facemask when required to
o maintain good hand hygiene
o stay home if you are feeling unwell
For the further information regarding the recommended guidance for the Queensland Government, please refer to:  Roadmap to easing Restrictions | Queensland Government (