Covid Restrictions Update August 2021

To the Gymnastics in Queensland community,


As we know, on Sunday 8th August, Queensland’s Chief Health Office announced that the return to community sport would be delayed until 23rd August, 2021 in the 11 local government areas (LGA’s) across South East Queensland as part of the COVID-19 recovery plan. This was also extended to Cairns and Yarrabah LGA’s from 4pm on Wednesday 11th August, 2021.


Since this announcement Gymnastics Queensland have been seeking greater clarification on the return to gymnastics as we look to provide clear direction to our member clubs.


Unfortunately, as at this point in time, we still do not have clear information from the Queensland Government. With this and a diverse range of member clubs we appreciate that clubs are aiming to work within the parameters of the information that has been provided by government departments and decisions to re-open or remain closed will vary based on the individual club risk assessments and circumstances as well as information at hand. We recommend that if you have any questions regarding your return to gymnastics that you contact your club.


We will continue to update all member clubs as we receive any further information and for those clubs who have opened, we reinforce the need for strict COVID safe measures to keep you all safe.


With regards to our upcoming competition calendar, we are reviewing the proposed dates of competitions to allow time for all gymnasts to return to the gym. Further information will be released shortly.


We appreciate that the nature of these circumstances are beyond our control. We also appreciate that the decisions that follow don’t often include hard and fast guidelines for businesses & operations such as ourselves. However, on behalf of Gymnastics Queensland we thank each of you demonstrating such resilience during these difficult times.  


Stay safe!


Chris Rushton


Gymnastics Queensland