Gymnastics for All

Are you looking for an action filled sport that offers fun, fitness, friendship and the opportunity to challenge your mind and body?

Gymnastics for All is a sport for everyBODY, regardless of age, gender or ability. It is the perfect activity to prepare children for long-term participation in sport and develops vital life skills. Many clubs also run Gym for All classes designed especially for adults, which can be the perfect way to get fit and strengthen your body with fun gymnastic skills.

Gymnastics for All:
- Is lots of fun
- Develops balance, co-ordination and confident body movement
- Builds self-esteem, strength and flexibility, preparing the body & mind for life's challenges
- Provides heaps of there is something for everyone
- Is a sport for life
- Is conducted within a safe environment which caters for personal growth and development
- Develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life Give your child the right start in life.

Enrol them in a Gymnastics for All class and help guide them towards a happy, healthy and enjoyable life.

Gymnastics for All is the basis of all Gymsports and a Gymsport in its own right. Clubs can utilise Gymnastics for All as a starting point for teaching the fundamentals, before gymnasts specialise in any of the other Gymsports. Alternatively, clubs may focus on Gymnastics for All which develops gymnasts with diverse skills, adaptable to a variety of movement experiences.

Gymnastics for All has been categorised by the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) into the following areas:
- Gymnastics with apparatus
- Gymnastics and Dance Display Gymnastics is a large and dynamic aspect of Gymnastics for All with opportunities for gymnasts to perform at club, state, national and international display events.

The pinnacle event in Gymnastics for All is the World Gymnaestrada, run by the FIG and held every four years. It is an event for gymnastic enthusiasts of all ages and abilites.

KinderGym activities for children under the age of five years also come under the banner of Gymnastics for All.  Club programs which follow the KinderGym Guiding Principles, have an underlying philosophy of learning through play.  Parents are encouraged to participate with their children as they explore and learn through movement based activities.