LaunchPad is the national participation initiative between Gymnastics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission.

The initiative recognises providers of fundamental gymnastics programs under the LaunchPad banner.

LaunchPad promotes fun, inclusive programs, teaching children how to move, and move well, which is not only fundamental to a physically active life, but also enhances learning potential and the development of emotional and social skills. We believe that gymnastics is to sport, what the alphabet is to reading, with the initiative promoting gymnastics as the “launch pad” into life…into sports, education, health and a happy childhood.

Congratulations to the following LaunchPad accredited clubs in QLD:

Clubs & Coaches

This accreditation is FREE for all member clubs and a chance to become part of a national brand! As brand awareness grows, we hope LaunchPad will be the logo parents look for when seeking a quality fundamental movement program for their child.

How do you get involved?

Firstly ... contact the GQ Development officer on or 07 3036 5612

Secondly ... coaches can attend a LaunchPad: Zoom! Workshop

Thirdly... work through the Blast Off! Checklist with your Youth Participation Coordinator

Finally... receive your personalised stamp of approval!

LaunchPad: Zoom! Workshop
LaunchPad: Zoom! is a three hour development workshop aimed at up-skilling current Level One Coaches (any gymsport) in all aspects of LaunchPad, such as the relationship between fundamental movement and brain development as well as a look into the brand behind LaunchPad and all it embodies. LaunchPad: Zoom! offers additional benefits to coaches, such as resources and Gymnastics Australia updating points.


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Are you looking for quality gymnastics based fundamental movement programs? Look out for the LaunchPad logo or search for your nearest club at

Teachers & Schools
LaunchPad is designed to equip Aussie kids with the fundamental movement skills required for all sport and to lead a healthy lifestyle. By participating in a LaunchPad program your students will have the opportunity to develop their fundamental movement skills, strength and fitness, while having a great time. Furthermore, the LaunchPad program is not just a work out for kids’ bodies, but also for their brains, with many of the activities designed to help with learning, concentration and brain development. LaunchPad: Ignite! Is a 4 hour (adjust to suit your state) workshop (1 hr online module + 3 hour face to face) covering modules in Neuro-nastics (brain development and movement) and each of the Dominant Movement Patterns (DMPs). This workshop aims to give teachers the knowledge you need to deliver LaunchPad programs in schools. The LaunchPad Ignite! workshop is the minimum requirement for teachers delivering gymnastics in the Sporting Schools program. Very practical and lots of fun, LaunchPad Ignite! will get you and your students moving! If you would like to become a LaunchPad accredited teacher, click here

Please contact Development Team at or 07 3036 5612 for further information.