Body Care 

‘Every body is unique’ is the powerful sentiment we wish to embed into the culture of gymnastics in Australia.  

Body Care is Gymnastics Australia’s strength-based approach which aims to equip all members of the gymnastics community with the language and understanding to foster an environment where every body is cared for, nourished and empowered to achieve their personal goals. 

Gymnastics Australia has developed Body Care in collaboration with the Butterfly Foundation and industry professionals to create a complementary approach including; 

GLOW: A preventative approach which incorporates a series of education initiatives across all levels of the sport to establish a collective understanding that ‘every body is unique’, and;

CARE: A clear and accessible intervention mechanism available to all members of the gymnastics community to raise concerns with regards to a child’s welfare or the behaviour of an individual in the sport. This also includes concerns about an individual who may be having a hard time understanding or accepting their body.

The term ‘Framework’ is used for the purpose of future policy and guideline development, to continue our transformational journey in creating a culture that is safe, fun and welcoming for all. The Body Care Framework currently includes; 

Gymnastics Australia’s Body Care Framework  

Gymnastics Australia’s Disordered Eating Prevention and Early Intervention Policy,  and 

Guiding Values for Creating a Body Care Culture

If you are a Gymnastics Australia Affiliated Club or Technical Member, or a parent/guardian of a child participating in our sport, you can find more information by clicking on the relevant links below: 

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