Education Week 2023

Coaches and Judges Course enrolments are processed via Gymnastics Australia’s FLEX System(LMS)
For all queries, check out Gymnastics Australia support page.
For Combined TRP/TUM Coaches and Judges Courses, candidates only need to purchase the relevant TRP bundle on FLEX
to enrol. They do not need to purchase the TUM bundle.
Enrolments for the First Aid/CPR Course are via Eventbrite.
The ‘Judges & Coaches Course Observation Application Form’ can be found on the GQ website.


Please download the Education Week Schedule.

FAQs & Useful Links

For all queries, check out Gymnastics Australia support page
How do I create a Gymnastics Australia and FLEX/LMS Account?
How do I upload an Intermediate Workbook?   
How do I upload Advanced Projects? 
How do I upload a First Aid & CPR Certificate? 
How can clubs purchase courses for candidates? (Watch from 10mins 30seconds onwards)
How to access FLEX through a Club Admin account?
How to lodge a Gymnastics Australia support request?
Course Fees & Refund Policy