Blue Card

Blue Card Requirements

Paid employees and volunteers who work with children and young people must hold a blue card or an exemption card if their work falls into a category of regulated employment and they work.

Under 18 – Do I need a Blue Card?

Paid Employees - A paid employee who is under 18 will require a blue card if their work falls under a category of regulated employment.

Volunteers - Volunteers under 18 are exempt from requiring a blue card unless they are a trainee student doing a practical placement as part of their studies with an education provider.

Engaging someone who already has (or has applied for) a blue card/exemption card - When a blue/exemption card holder proposes to start in regulated child-related activities with your organisation, you must notify Blue Card Services by lodging a Link an applicant/cardholder to this organisation form. 

Key Information
For more information on obtaining a Blue Card and who is required to hold one, please refer to:
Blue Card Services | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government (