Get to know Trampoline Gymnastics

Trampoline Gymnastics sees athletes perform breath-taking series of jumps, saults and twists with incredible skill and precision.

For the first time since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Australia will be represented in both Women’s and Men’s Trampoline, by Jessica Pickering and Dominic Clarke.

Pickering and Clarke are amongst the 16 best trampolinists in the world, qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Taking to the Ariake Gymnastics Centre first, Pickering will compete on Friday 30 July at 2pm (AEST), while Clarke will compete on Saturday 31 July, also at 2pm (AEST).

What is Trampoline Gymnastics?
Trampoline Gymnastics features athletes perform a routine compromising of 10 individual skills performed in succession. 

Skills featured are single, double and triple somersaults, in either a tuck, pike or straight position. Half and full twists are often added into each sault to increase the degree of difficulty. 

How many gymnasts compete and how many progress through to finals?
16 gymnasts will compete in Qualification for both Men’s and Women’s, with the top 8 progressing through to the Final.

Gymnasts will jump twice in Qualification, completing 2 different routines, while in the Final gymnasts will jump just once.

Scores will reset for the Final, with all athletes starting on 0.

Gymnasts will also compete in reverse order from Qualification, meaning the highest ranked gymnast will compete last in the Final. 

How does the scoring system work?
The judging panel is comprised of 6 execution judges, 2 DD judges, along with the chair judge, who oversees the technology used to calculate the Horizontal Displacement (HD) on the trampoline, and the Time of Flight (ToF), which measures the time that the athlete spends in the air during the routine.

The top 2 and bottom 2 execution scores are removed, so that there is a total execution score out of 20. The total DD is then added onto this score, as is the ToF time, and the HD Score.

Not sure which international gymnasts to keep an eye out for?

Women’s Trampoline:
- Rosannagh MacLennan (CAN)
- Zhu Xueying (CHN)
- Bryony Page (GBR)
- Mori Hikaru (JPN)
- Liu Lingling (CHN)

Men’s Trampoline
- Uladzislau Hancharou (BLR)
- Gao Lei (CHN)
- Dong Dong (CHN)
- Ivan Litvinovich (BLR)
- Dmitrii Ushakov (ROC)