Gymnastics Queensland can't wait to see our athletes ‘Bounce Back’ into the sport they love at one of our 125 affiliated clubs across Queensland. 

Read on to find out what bouncing back looks like for our sport in Queensland.

Stage 3 of Easing Restrictions & Term 3

Gymnastics clubs across Queensland are now preparing for term 3, following the Queensland Government’s announcement to bring stage 3 forward as part of the easing of restrictions and Friday’s release of the updated Indoor Sport COVID Safe Industry Plan

From midday Friday, July 3, clubs can welcome back more members which is a major boost for clubs throughout the state. 

While restrictions relating to the total number of people who can attend a venue has eased, there is still a requirement of 1 person per 4 square metres inside a venue with physical distancing to occur outside of the field of play. 

Gymnastics Queensland CEO, Chris Rushton applauded the Queensland Government for leading the recovery process that led to yesterday’s announcement. 
“COVID-19 has certainly presented a number of challenges for Gymnastics and whilst there is still a way to go, I want to thank the Queensland Government and Q Sport for their engagement with GQ during this time to understand the impact of COVID-19 and how Gymnastics can return in a viable and safe way” Rushton said. 

“GQ has played a key role in discussions with Government and Q Sport on the safe return of Gymnastics and I know everyone in our community can’t wait to see people back enjoying our sport.”
Rushton also acknowledged the Queensland Gymnastics community who have faced many challenges during this time.

“It has been extremely challenging for clubs and all members of our community, but it has been great to see our community stay positive and support each other during such a difficult time.”

“I know the further easing of restrictions will be met with excitement in our community and it will be great to see so many Queenslanders bounce back into gymnastics in the coming weeks,” Rushton added. 
To assist the return of Gymnastics in Queensland, GQ has launched the #BounceBackIntoGymnastics marketing campaign to attract returning and new members to clubs. The campaign includes paid online advertising and other initiatives to assist all GQ affiliated clubs.  

To ensure a safe return for everyone, view our guide on how you and your club can safely bounce back into the gym. 

Further Easing of Restrictions for Affiliated Gymnastics Clubs

The Queensland Health Department have approved and released the Indoor Sport Industry COVID SAFE Plan. Gymnastics Queensland has played a key role in the development and approval of this plan and we are delighted with the decision taken by the government to approve recommendations provided by Gymnastics Queensland which will see the further easing of restrictions for affiliated gymnastics clubs and enable our clubs to welcome back more of their members.  
One of the key factors of the plan is the number of people permitted within gymnastics clubs. With the plan now being approved, clubs are allowed the following effective immediately:
Each gymnastics club can have multiple groups of up to 20 people per group within their venue at a time, depending on the floor space within your local club. Your club will ensure that each group is kept separate. Each group will be clearly separated with signs and markers and, if applicable, barriers to minimise the risk of participants moving into another zone. Each defined zone will meet the requirement of 4 square meters per person and physical distancing of at least 1.5 meters.
This is an exciting step forward for our clubs as we begin to make a safe return to gymnastics in Queensland.

Roadmap to Easing Restrictions – Stage 2 Commences Monday, 1 June 2020

The Queensland Government announced on 31st May that stage 2 of the roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions will begin from midday on 1st June, allowing gatherings of up to 20 people for non-contact indoor and outdoor community sport.

Gymnastics Queensland welcomes this decision and will continue to work closely with the Queensland Government, affiliated clubs and all stakeholders to ensure the safe return to gymnastics in Queensland.

Please note each affiliated Gymnastics Queensland Club will assess this update and will provide updates in due course.
To view Stage 2 FAQ’s click here.

Gymnastics Queensland Welcomes Release of Roadmap to Easing Restrictions

Gymnastics Queensland (GQ) has welcomed the release of the Queensland Government’s roadmap to easing restrictions and the return to indoor community sport in stage 2 of the plan, from 12th June, 2020, for gatherings of up to 20 people and for gatherings of up to 100 people from 10th July. 

“GQ welcomes the Queensland Governments release of the roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions and will continue to work with state government, clubs, Gymnastics Australia and all stakeholders to ensure a safe return of gymnastics in Queensland” New GQ CEO, Chris Rushton said. 

“GQ has begun developing guidelines for the safe return of the sport and will remain in discussions with the state government and clubs on the further development of these guidelines and the implementation of measures to ensure a safe return.”

“While we understand that our members across Queensland are keen to get back into the gym, we have to remember that the health and well being of all members of the Gymnastics community and wider public must come first and this means we need to adequately prepare and work closely with our clubs” Rushton added. 

“In the meantime and with the state governments roadmap contingent on the low transmission of Covid-19, GQ urges all members of the Queensland Gymnastics community to download the COVIDsafe app and continue to practise social distancing and hygiene measures to that we can see clubs re-open from the 12th June.”

GQ will release further information in near future on the safe return to gymnastics.    

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