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Gymnastics Queensland High Performance Centre

Who can train at the GQ High Performance Centre?

Training at the GQ HPC is by invitation only. The GQ HPC is not a Club, but a training facility that caters for those athletes who have shown the potential to achieve international standard of performance in Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. Athletes training at the High Performance Centre continue to represent their Home Club at Competitions and are encouraged to be involved in Home Club Promotional Activities.  

GQ High Performance Centre entry pathway

How do I attend an initial trial at the High Performance Centre?

Open Trial Days

The open trial days for girls and boys are held throughout the year, generally during the June/July school holidays and the start of the December school Holidays.  The trial day is in essence a two to three hour session where the athletes are assessed by the HPC coaching staff on a range of physical abilities and core gymnastics skills. Parents who register their children to attend a trial day should note that the HP Manager will contact their child’s Club to gain an understanding of their ability and progress, and will at all times advise the athletes home club of their standing in the selection process. Trial days are advertised to all Gymnastics Queensland affiliated Clubs via an Open Trial Date Flyer, and Open Trial Day Registration Forms should be forwarded directly to the HP Manager.

Club Recommendation

At any time throughout the year a Club may request that one of their athletes be considered for HPC placement. This recommendation should come from the Club Management or Head Coach and requested thru the HP Manager. For an athlete to be considered they firstly must fall into the age and skill ability required to compete in one of the International Stream Divisions. These age divisions can be found here. There is no guarantee that a recommended athlete will be given a trial session, the decision will be based on the information provided on the HPC Trial Recommendation Form, and the review of the application.

Identified at an event

The HPC staff attend many WAG and MAG competitions throughout the year across Queensland. Once a potential athlete is identified, the HP Manager will make contact with the athletes home club and discuss the trial process and the entry pathway options that are available if the athlete wishes to pursue the International pathway.

State Squad Identification

State Squad Development Programs are run by both the Men’s and the Women’s programs in Queensland. Athletes from every affiliated Club in Queensland are invited to register and attend the State Squad Development Clinics and Training Sessions. The State Squad Programs vary in format from time to time and are an integral component in Gymnastic Queensland’s process to assist in the education of the State’s Coaches and the continual development of the technique and skill level of its athletes. The State Squad Clinics are also used to identify potential HPC athletes. Once identified, the HP Manager will make contact with the athletes home club and discuss the trial process and the entry pathway options that are available if the athlete wishes to pursue the International pathway.

If I am offered further training after the initial trial, what am I offered?

Transition Athletes

Transition Athletes are invited to train at the HPC one to two days a week while still attending training at their Home Club. The intent is that the athlete can increase their training hours by training at the HPC on a day that they do not currently train, and yet still be involved in all activities (including competitions) with their Home Club. The HPC Coaches will use the transition period to monitor the athletes physical progression, and their ability to learn skills and develop technique in the HPC environment. Parents and athletes should use the transition period to consider the commitment required if offered a more permanent position, and the impact such a decision would have on the athlete schooling, social and family lifestyle.

The transition period could last from as little as one month to a maximum six months, reviewed monthly. Entry to the HPC as a transition athlete does not guarantee an ongoing position in the program.

Visiting Athletes

Athletes who do not live within a reasonable distance of the HPC that would allow them to be a transition athlete may be offered a Visiting Athlete position. This offer is intended for those athletes who live outside the general Brisbane area, and have shown potential for inclusion in the HPC Program. A Visiting Athlete may be offered a training block varying from one week to several weeks conducted during a school holiday period. This is the ideal opportunity for a regional based gymnast who has shown international potential to be assessed for inclusion in the program. An athlete may be offered a Visiting Athlete position several consecutive school holiday periods throughout the year, with the intent that they will (if and when required) relocate and commit to full time training at the HPC.

Trial Athletes

Athletes who have been successful in the selection process may be offered a three month trial to train full time at the HPC.  Training hours vary dependant on the athletes age and skill level, and will increase throughout the 3 month trial to the maximum hours for the squad in which they have been placed.  Athletes placed on a three month trial no longer train at their Home Club, and are not permitted to compete during this period. A three month trial is the entry way to a permanent training position at the HPC, with athletes progress reviewed monthly. Parents and athletes should be aware that the offer of a three month trial does not guarantee a permanent position in the HPC program.

Contract Athletes

Following a three month trial, athletes may be offered a yearly contract to train at the HPC. All contract positions are reviewed every three months, more regularly if deemed necessary. Continual placement at the HPC is conditional on the athlete maintaining the required physical conditioning, skill ability, attitude to training and competition performance.

Training at the HPC requires a commitment from not only the athlete, but also the athletes family. A gymnast, no matter how talented, will not excel without the support of their parents and their school/education facility.

All enquiries regarding the Queensland High Performance Centre and the entry process should be directed to the Senior Manager High Performance Trisha Hade on 0418 874 744 or via email [email protected]