Affiliation with Gymnastics Queensland

New Clubs

If you are thinking of starting a new club or are existing club that hasn’t affiliated before or recently with Gymnastics Queensland, please contact our Club Development Manager ([email protected]) to help you through this process.

To become an affiliated club, you must complete the following affiliation forms:

Link to 2022 New Club Affiliation Form
You can find more information on the affiliation process and the standards set by Gymnastics Australia which all clubs are required to abide by via the following document:

Link to 2022 Affiliation Standards
Gymnastics Queensland will assist your club with this process and any questions you may have. Upon the submission of all the required documents and the payment of your club affiliation fee, your club’s affiliation request will be sent to the Gymanstics Queensland Board for confirmation. Upon approval, you will provided access to a wide-range of services which you can find more about in the ‘Why affiliate with GQ?’ section of our website.

Considerations Before Starting Your Own Club 
GQ has put together some helpful slides which will assist you in starting the process of affiliation. Please click on the link above to read through this information. 

Club Renewals

At the start of each year, existing affiliated clubs will be notified that reaffiliation is open which can be completed through the ‘Administration’ tab on within your club’s Club Admin Portal. If you require any assistance with this process, please contact Denise Rookwood: [email protected] 

2022 Fee Structure

1) Club Member
The Club Member fee is determined based on the size of a club’s actual registered participant membership in the previous year. For new clubs, the ‘New Club/Micro Club’ category will be used to determine your club affiliation fee for the first year regardless of the number of members your club has.

Club Fee Category   No. of Club Members  Club Fee (excl. GST)  
New Club / Micro Club  <250  $1,000 
Small Club  <500  $1,500 
Medium Club  <750  $3,000
Large Club  <1,000  $4,000 
Extra Large Club  1,000+  $6,000 

2) Participant Member
Competitive Participant Members and Non-Competitive Participant Members (as defined within the Membership By-law) will pay the following membership subscription. All amounts are GST inclusive.

• $77.50 Competitive Participant Member
• $26.50 Non-Competitive Participant Member – other than Kindergym / Fitter for Life
• $19.73 Non-Competitive Participant Member – Kindergym / Fitter for Life

For further information on club and athlete fees, please contact Steven: [email protected]