12  July 2019

Upcoming TRP/TUM Courses 

Don’t miss out on enrolling in the upcoming courses:

10 August                        TRP Advanced Module 1 (BNE)
10 & 11 August               TRP Advanced Coaches Course (BNE)
25 August                         TRP Advanced Judges Course (BNE)
31st August                      MAG/WAG/GfA/ACR/TUM Advanced Tumbling & Spring (Module 1) (Bundaberg)
15 September                  MAG/WAG/GfA/ACR/TUM Advanced Tumbling & Spring (Module 1) (BNE)
All enrolments are processed via the Learning Management System (LMS).  All late enrolments are subject to availability and incur a 25 % late fee.

Be Prepared - TRP Advanced Coaches Course 

Are you planning on attending the upcoming Brisbane based TRP Advanced Coaches Course on the 10th  & 11th  August? PLEASE NOTE:

GQ strongly recommends that potential candidates have all their projects uploaded to their LMS profile for marking by Tuesday, 16 July. Projects go directly to Gymnastics Australia who send these to external markers. It will take up to two weeks for your projects to be marked. Candidates will only be able to enrol in the face to face coaches course once all prerequisites are complete, uploaded, marked and approved. Enrolments close strictly Tuesday, 30 July

What are the prerequisites for the TRP Advanced Coaches Course?
- Advanced Online General Principles Coaches Course
- Advanced TRP Online Coaches Course
- Physical Preparation Project
- Annual Seasonal Plan Project
- Self-Reflection Project
- Junior Coach Project
- Spotting Logbook
- Skills Analysis Project
- First Aid Certificate
Handy hint…Start the physical preparation project first! You will need to devise a physical preparation test, test a group of athletes, wait 4 weeks, test them again and then report on your findings. Use your 4 week waiting period to work on your additional projects.