16 November 2018

Annual Gymnastics Conference – CONGRESS TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!

Our Annual Gymnastics Conference is an opportunity for you to start 2019 with a bang!

The Annual Gymnastics Conference encompasses Education Courses, Congress and Annual Awards.

The premier event is designed to develop gymnastic professionals through accredited courses, and a tailored Congress agenda developed for the specific needs of gymnastic professionals. Plus, reflect, unwind and celebrate 2018 at the Annual Awards Dinner.

Schedule and ticketing is now available for Congress. Please click the link here.

The Annual Awards nomination pack is now available via the website. Please click the link here

The Education schedule is live and courses can be booked now. Please click the link here.

2019 Sanctioning Documents

If your Club has nominated to host a 2019 competition at the recent regional forums please submit the below forms by Thursday 15th November.
Each application will contain 4 forms:

STEP 1 – Complete Forms 2,3 and 4 by clicking the links below

Form 2 – Risk Assessment – Apparatus Standards
Form 3 – Host Club Application Form for Category 2 and 3 Events
Form 4 – Conditions of Agreement
STEP 2 – Complete the relevant apparatus standards form by clicking the links below and please send through to with any other relevant attachments that you wish to include in your request.
Form 1A: WAG Apparatus Standards (WAG only)
Form 1B: MAG Apparatus Standards (MAG only)
Form 1C: ACR Apparatus Standards (ACR only)
Form 1D: TRP Apparatus Standards(TRP only)
Form 1E: RG Apparatus Standards  (RG only)
Form 1F: AER Apparatus Standards (AER only)
Final approval of your application is subject to your submission of the relevant completed event hosting forms.  

The respective Sport Management Committees will assess your application and Clubs will be notified of the outcome. Once this process has been completed the FINAL 2018 Calendar will be published on the GQ website.

Upcoming Events 

24th- 25th WAG/MAG Gymnastics Townsville Tropical Invitational & Grand Prix
24th-25th GFA Gymfest 
24th-25th TRP SQIC Interclub #4 @ Carindale PCYC
24th-25th AER Challenge 1 @ TBA

Calendar Updates

Events Modified:
  • Results added RG State Multiples 
  • Workplan added WAG SCGA Invitational
Events Removed:
  • Gymfinity Level’s Festival
  • AER Challenge 1 - November (Venue @TBA)
Events Added:
  • Nil