17 May 2019

2019 Education Calendar - Update

Changes are made weekly to the Education Calendar so please ensure you check regularly.
Some recent changes include:
  • Added - Advanced Spotting Logbook  – Beaudesert - 26 May
  • Time Change - WAG Intermediate Coaches Course - Mackay - 26 May 
  • Cancelled - MAG Intermediate Coaches Course - Sunshine Coast - 8 & 9 June
  • Cancelled - WAG Intermediate Coaches Course - Sunshine Coast - 9 June  

Reminder – Upcoming Courses

Don’t miss out on enrolling in the following upcoming courses:
  • MAG/WAG/GfA/ACR/TUM Advanced spotting logbook workshop - Beaudesert – 26 May Closes Tuesday!
  • Beginner Coaches Course-BNE-2 June Closes Tuesday!
  • MAG Advanced Module 2-4 Coaches Course – Townsville- 8-9 June Closes Tuesday!
  • WAG Advanced Module 2-4 Coaches Course- Townsville- 8-9 June Closes Tuesday!
  • Beginner Coaches Course- Toowoomba – 9 June
  • WAG Intermediate Coaches Course - Gold Coast – 9 June
  • RG Intermediate Judges Course – BNE – 15 & 16 June
  • TRP Beginner Judges Course – BNE – 15 June
  • MAG Beginner/Intermediate Judges Course – BNE- 15 & 16 June
  • TRP Intermediate Judges Course – BNE – 15 & 16 June
  • Beginner Coaches Course – BNE – 16 June
  • TRP Intermediate Coaches Course – CQ – 16 June
All enrolments are processed via the Learning Management System (LMS).  All late enrolments are subject to availability and incur a 25 % late fee.

Advanced Spotting Logbook Workshop

26 May 2019 - Beaudesert Gymnastics Club

This workshop is aimed at coaches who are working towards gaining their advanced coaching accreditation. Coaches are provided with practical experience in spotting skills listed in the advanced spotting logbook, led by an experienced presenter.

This workshop provides an opportunity for coaches to have their spotting logbook signed-off by the presenter. Please note that it will not be possible for the presenter to sign-off on every skill in everyone’s logbook. This is purely an opportunity to get some skills signed-off, and to give coaches a baseline assessment on their progress towards gaining an advanced coaching accreditation.

Candidates are required to bring a demonstrator (an athlete) to the workshop to practice their spotting. The demonstrator should be capable of performing skills and progressions at the advanced level. Please contact the GQ education team, before applying, if you are unsure if you can meet this requirement. 

Please see the Application Form for more details

Closing date = 21 May

​​Advanced Coaches Course

Are you planning on attending the upcoming BNE based MAG/WAG Advanced Coaches Course on the 27th & 28th July?

GQ strongly recommends that potential candidates have all their projects uploaded to their LMS profile for marking by 25 June. Projects go directly to Gymnastics Australia who send these to external markers. It will take up to two weeks for your projects to be marked. Candidates will only be able to enrol in the face to face coaches course once all prerequisites are complete, uploaded, marked and approved. Enrolments close strictly 9 July 2019

What are the prerequisites for the MAG/WAG Advanced Coaches Course?
  • Advanced Online General Principles Coaches Course
  • Advanced MAG/WAG Online Coaches Course
  • Physical Preparation Project
  • Annual Seasonal Plan Project
  • Self-Reflection Project
  • Junior Coach Project
  • Spotting Logbook
  • Skills Analysis Project
  • First Aid Certificate
Handy hint…Start the physical preparation project first! You will need to devise a physical preparation test, test a group of athletes, wait 4 weeks, test them again and then report on your findings. Use your 4 week waiting period to work on your additional projects.

Judges Course Enrolments - LMS

Enrolments for all Judges Courses will now be processed through your LMS account (Gymnastics Australia Learning Management System). Gymnastics Queensland will still be accepting enrolment forms manually until 31st June 2019, after which all the Judges Courses will be processed online.

How to Enrol in Judges Course via the LMS

1. Go to the Gymnastics Australia website by visiting
2. In the top right-hand corner of the window, click Sign In this will take you to the sign in page. You will now need to sign in using your Technical Member ID as your username, and your Gymnastics Australia password. If you have forgotten your password, please contact

3. Once you have signed in, click the top right-hand corner on the Hi, Your Name link to access your Gymnastics Australia account.

4. On the right side of the My Account page, under Handy Links click Go to the LMS

5. You will then be taken to your LMS account, no sign in will be required.

6. Once you have logged into the Gymnastics Australia LMS, click Browse Catalog on the LMS dashboard, you can also click the magnifying glass if the menu sidebar is visible.

7. Click on ‘Enrol in a Judge Accreditation pathway,’ followed by the level accreditation and gymsport you wish to enrol in to.

8. Select ‘Choose Pathway,’ and then add the Queensland pathway to your cart

9. The pathway will then appear in your shopping cart. Select the trolley icon in the top right corner, and purchase* the pathway *Please note that the cost to purchase the pathway will be $0. The following steps will outline how to purchase the course itself

10. Once you’ve purchased the pathway, select the Gymnastics Australia icon in the top left corner to return to your LMS Homepage

11. Then, select the green ‘Accreditation Pathways’ button on the left

12. A list of your Accreditation Pathways will load; select the relevant judging one you have enrolled in to

13. Select ‘Choose Session’ to see a list of upcoming judging courses

14. From there, select the course that you wish to enrol in to and add to your shopping cart

15. Select the shopping trolley, proceed through to payment and enrol into the course

16. Congratulations! Prior to attending, you will receive information regarding location and time