18 August 2017

Make sure your Club is a part of the official History of Gymnastics in Queensland

An Invitation to Gymnastics Queensland Club members to include their club history in the forthcoming manuscript - A HISTORY of GYMNASTICS in QUEENSLAND for the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Association in 2019

Gymnastics Queensland Directors, Trevor Dowdell and Kath Graham are conducting this project and preparing the manuscript.  Club histories may make-up half of the manuscript with a manuscript size of approximately 75,000 words.

Clubs, past and present, are invited to submit:
  1. Approximately 600 words (2 pages) summarising the history of their club.   Up to 3 photographs to illustrate the club’s history would be appreciated
  2. The prose should be a chronological narrative primarily in the third person (pronouns – he, she, it, they, them…)
  3. The text should be prepared in Arial font 11, left alignment, double line spacing with zero spacing before & after. Page margins at Normal (2.54cm top-bottom, right-left).
  4. E-mail your club history submission to 
Be sure to include and highlight YOUR club in this important record of Gymnastics in Queensland.

CLOSING Date for submission – Friday 30th March 2018.

Example of two different club histories follow. One is of a current member club, while the other is of a past club.

Club examples - link

We look forward to receiving as many member Club histories as possible

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